We want to build a community of leather men here in Wales, but we can’t do that without your support.

For as little as £1 a month, every subscribing annual member receives:

LeatherMen Cymru Membership for one year
LeatherMen Cymru patch (on initial sign up)
Discounts on LeatherMen Cymru events
Discounts at various venues
Regular Membership mailings
Attendance and vote at the Annual General Meeting.
Access to Members chat forum.​

Membership £12 per year (subject to change at the AGM)

There is nothing better than getting your gear on and heading out to meet up with other leather guys, rather than staying indoors chatting online.

Here at LeatherMen Cymru we don’t ask that you become a member in order to attend our events and we won’t pressure you to sign up to our membership. We would rather that being part of a community and family of leathermen in Wales would be something you choose to support, not something you have to.