​Mr Leather Wales is open to those who identify as male, are members of Leathermen Cymru, and are aged 18 or over as of the day of the competition.
Contestants should live in Wales and willing to be an ambassador for LeatherMen Cymru, Eagle Cardiff and the UK leather scene. Contestants must also be willing to participate in press and media interviews, including being photographed for publicity purposes. You will be asked to sign a photo release form during the registration period.

The competition takes the form of an application process, an in-depth interview about your plans and ambitions for the titleholder role, and your interest in and commitment to building the Leather scene in Wales. You will also be asked to introduce yourself from the stage to the Leather community at the Cardiff Leather Weekend.​

​Please complete this Application Form if you wish to compete.

Previous results from all Mr Leather Wales' are displayed here.

Mr Leather Wales

Previous Title Holders

Angus - Mr Leather Wales 2019 & 2020

Entering the kink community through pup play ten years ago, leather swiftly became the driving force behind his kinky journey and continues to this day.

Find him on Twitter @MrLeatherWales or on Facebook at Mr Leather Wales.

Due to COVID-19 there will be no competition in 2020, we are pleased that Angus has agreed to continue until we hold a competition in 2021.


Mr Leather Wales 2016

Mr Leather Wales 2018

Mr Leather Wales 2017

Current Mr Leather Wales

As part of the expected duties of the Mr Leather Wales title, fundraising is an important aspect. Raising funds not only allows our own community to continue running events, meet ups, and building things together, but also allows our community to positively contribute towards supporting those parts of our broader community that are most in need.
By working with local LGBT+ charities, support groups, and local organisations, the leather community in Wales practices and foregrounds it's solidarity with other parts of our society.

How to enter?

As a representative of the leather community in Wales, the Mr Leather Wales title functions as the ambassador for our community in Wales, in the wider UK, and across the world. By attending events, making connections, and always showcasing the best of our fellowship, the titleholder builds the visibility and reputation of our leather community.
Beyond this, our titleholders often choose to take the lead in raising issues close to their own hearts or that have had an impact on them, such as HIV prevention and stigma, mental health and the LGBT+ community, or bullying and harassment in the workplace.

Mr Leather Wales is an elected representative title in and for the leather community in Wales.

Leather titles are a way in which leather communities recognise those who have participated in and contributed to their communities, or those who they believe will do so in the future. They function as a central point for contact, leadership, and community development for the space of a year, before the title is passed on to the next holder.

They do this by modeling three criteria in their title years:



​Role Model
As a title holder, Mr Leather Wales has the opportunity to help inspire and motivate other leathermen to be the best, most positive, leathermen they can be.
As a representative of the local community, the titleholder can act as an example of the way in which we want that community to grow, flourish, and support each other.
By acting to support inclusion, diversity, and acceptance within our leather community and across our LGBT+ brothers and sisters, our titleholders work to showcase all that is great about our brotherhood.